Danielle Gaines - Artist & Owner

       Wife, mother, veteran and now business owner are just a few of my titles. I grew up not knowing what I wanted to do in life, but loved everything to do with baking. It was an escape for me and it was a joy watching my friends and family's reaction to the treats I made them. It was no surprise to my family when I went to school to learn how to bake professionally. 

       I fell in love with decorating cakes by accident, after applying for a baker's position and being told that it had just been filled I was desperate for any job in a bakery and that is when I was offered the job of cake decorator in a small grocery store. 

       It was like magic, learning how to assemble cakes and pipe beautiful creations. I knew after my first day that this was my passion and joy. Eventually I left the grocery store to start this business to have more creative freedom over the products I sell. I continue to learn new techniques every day and invest so much of myself into each order I get, I strive to make every cake perfect for every event.